Tricks of the Casino


The bright lights, the sound of coins clinking and a palpable energy are enough to turn even the most jaded person into a kid again. That’s what casinos are all about – to make people happy, and they do so by using every trick in the book.

Elaborate surveillance systems offer a high-tech “eye-in-the-sky” to monitor every table, change window and doorway. And if the casino staff feels like someone is cheating they can adjust cameras to zero in on the culprit.

It’s a system that works well, especially when patrons aren’t playing by the rules. But the system can also be abused. For example, a dealer’s eye can be distracted by an attractive female or by the flashing of cameras from a table next to their own. It’s a problem that could be avoided with better training, and the installation of cameras in every casino room.

Legalized gambling brings in a lot of money for local governments. This can help them fund needed community projects and avoid raising taxes in other areas. In addition, the jobs created by gaming establishments often have pay scales above the national average.

As with any business, a casino is not a charitable organization throwing free money away. It has to be profitable in order to stay in business and keep its doors open. That’s why the design of a casino is so important. Every detail must be carefully considered to maximize profits and create an experience that makes gamblers want to come back again and again.